Skifree Review and Video

Another scary game to review! But is this one really scary? Far as I remember from my childhood, this was a badass game.

(this is your cue to watch the video).

My mum used to use a computer a lot when I was little, and on the evenings when she disappeared to go work in a bar me and my brother would often be left alone to entertain ourselves on it.

And since Skifree was easy to get to from the desktop without breaking the computer (something which I did do to my dad’s computer) then this was what we commonly played.

Skifree was added to the Windows as a bit of an afterthought, to go alongside the riveting fun of solitaire. It’s s super simple game, and even today I think it looks great. It’s so cute! It’s easy to play, too. All you need to do to navigate yourself down a great big slope, and avoid the other skiiers and the random dogs which are apparently hanging out here for some reason.

But let’s be honest here – despite the cute graphics, the nice handling, and the timeless replay value, there’s one thing we all hate about this game. The yeti.

I’m not going to lie, even when I play it now and that plump grey figure shows up I get heart palpitations. The way he flails his arms. How fast he moves. He’s the epitomy of terror. I challenge you to find a game character that fills you with as much dread.


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