My Collection + Wish List

Consoles I own

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Gameboy Advance/DS/3DS

Playstation 1/2/3/4

Sega Dreamcast (childhood console)

Sega Saturn, megadrive


R-Zone Headset and SuperScreen – I got these because they were donated as a prop for Digitiser, and Mr Biffo’s wife insisted Biffo already has enough tat lying around the house. I am intending to review them, and after that I want them the frigg out of my flat.

I don’t have either the XPG or the PDA version, the R-Zone DataZone. I’ll be honest, after I do a review on the first two, I probably will stop looking out for the XPG or DataZone. They are pricey to get hold of and are also bound to be as crap as the two versions I have, which I’m planning on palming off on my console collector friend anyway unless some poor bastard wants to buy them off me.

Amiga 500 – Boxed, in nice condition, a bit yellowed though. This badlad needs setting up in my front room.

Atari 2600 Jr – I don’t have a woodpanel version, which I do want. But I’m happy enough with this one for now.

Microvision – This is the second one that I have. The first one I’ve got has screenrot and refuses to work. Only have 2 games for it – blockbusters and bowling. There’s only two other games for it though so I’m not too fussed.

Wonderswan – This was donated to me by a lovely fan. Since it’s obviously japanese I do not understand what the heck is going on in the games (both RPGs), but I am looking it for more games for it.


Phillips VideoPac – Got this off eBay for 30 quid, came with a couple games. It didn’t come with a box but it seems okay condition, but I’m not going to review it until I get access to an Oddessey.


A Binatone thing – It’s got a frigging gun. I mean, come on. So awesome.

 My Wishlist

Magnavox Odyssey


Im especially interested in the overlays and instruction manuals for the games of this badlad, but it’s not easy to find it complete. And when you do – oh boy, pricey. But this is in the top five items I’m saving up for to get a hold of, purely because it’s the first home console and wouuld be great to do a video on.

Coleco Telstar Arcade


This is so high on my list for obvious reasons…I mean, just look at it. The other month I *very nearly* didn’t buy my monthly groceries shopping so I would be able to afford one that cropped up on eBay, but it didn’t have the steering wheel so I decided not to in the end.

Note: Telstar was the name of the series of electronic games Coleco released – there was a pong one, one that came with built in combat-based games….but the Arcade one is specifically the one I would give my first born for.*

*Disclaimer: will not actually swap my first-born baby for a Telstar Arcade. Unless I decided I was getting pissed off with him/her, would need a few days to work that out though.


Image result for cybiko

Hahahahaha look at this piece of crap. I need it. This one is actually the second (?) version which looks like a horrendous amoeba. There is an earlier version which looks more like a phone but this one makes me laugh most.

This thing is all sorts of awful and I think it would make a good video. It is basically a glorified walkie talkie, and is closer to a computer than a console.

Game Park 32

LOOK AT THIS THING. I find it fascinating because it was one of the first consoles to ever accept ROMs. It’s also unashamedly trying to capitalise on the success of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance, despite being quite a bit more impressive. Released in 2001, it could use memory cards to hold downloaded media.

I think this photo is of the 2001 version but there was one released in 2003 with a backlit screen. It was a good unit for anyone wanting to be a bit hacky, as it could handle applications and emulators.

The games came in beautiful packages too. But they are bloody expensive. Especially boxed.

This image is from ebay, and is listed for 70 quid. Pretty sure it will stay on my wishlist for a long time, the price of the unit and just a couple games means its low on my list of stuff I’m saving up for to do a video about.

But still – it’s nice to keep peeking at ebay and seeing it crop up.

Other Consoles/Computers I’m after

Pikachu N64 – don’t especially want the much rarer Pokemon Stadium version. It’s not as cool.

Woodpanel Atari 2600

Atari 5200

Atari 7200

Atari ST


Games I’m Looking out For

Tombi (PS1) – had this when I was little. Sold it for 30 quid when I was a teenager. I regret it every day.

Skull Monkeys (PS1) – weird game I had as a kid

Klonoa Door to Phantomville (Wii) – I DO have this game on the PS1, it’s one of my most favourite games of all time. But I would love the Wii version too.