Back to Life <3

I’m back doing Octav1us, starting with a new review uploaded shortly. I’ll do a little catchup video too <3

I think the main problem I had was that I was looking at my videos and critiquing them as if this is actually my full time job, and therefore they should be perfect. It isn’t, it’s a hobby – and for now, that’s all it can be.

I’m doing a full time MA, which is supposed to be 5 days a week (3 of them days of lectures), and I’m working 3 days a week on top of that to pay the good old rent there. Obviously 5 plus 3 = 8 which will go some distance to explaining why I’m gonna have to really cut down on my interaction as Octav1us.

I have worked so hard to get the channel to where it is now, and I will keep working hard, but my videos can’t be as sparkly and exciting as they were before. I’m not just gonna start doing a bunch of letsplays only (although I’m probably going to record myself playing scary games still), but my videos are going to be shorter and less researched. I’m also going to make a concerted effort to do more collaborations since that takes the stress off me a little bit 🙂

However, I simply can’t be replying to every single tweet, every single email, every single Youtube comment. I just can’t do it. I know it seems like a little thing, but honestly – it all piles up. I will do the best I can, but before when I was scrabbling to reply to everything because a few people got grumpy it was really making me very ill. If I was doing this full time, ABSOLUTELY I would reply to everything. But I’m not so I can’t 🙁

I guess what I’m asking is, please be patient with me 🙂 And don’t you stop leaving me comments or tweets – even if I don’t reply cos I never get round to it, I promise I read every single one and they make me smile.

See you soon!

Octy xxx


1 thought on “Back to Life <3

  1. Sarah, one thing to remember about your Octavius Kitten channel is that you have complete control over everything. You created the character, the channel, the community from nothing; you do all the acting, editing, writing yourself. You have total control of all your social media sites. As human beings living in a modern world we can’t say we have complete control over many aspects of our lives, but our own creations are where we can take control.
    When it comes to Octavius, you have absolute power over every detail. Don’t be afraid to take your channel in whatever direction is best for you. Only you have the right to make any decisions regarding your creation. First and foremost, your channel should make you happy, but if you can’t find that happiness in doing Octavius anymore you can just walk off into the sunset. You have the right to do so.
    What I’m trying to say is embrace the power and control you have in this area of your life. Use your channel to please yourself, and not to please others. Take control of YOUR creation, Sarah. Oh, and be proud because you have proved your talent by building a wonderful character, community, and channel. Just don’t let Octavius take control of you. Sarah is the boss!

    Take care, and good luck with everything!

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