About Me

Nice to meet you! I’m Octavius.

I make videos for teh Youtubez sometimes and I am funny and not at all annoying.

This is where I write things.

Want to talk? Email me kitten.octavius@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. No way of making this private.

    Love your work.

    You do you.

    Come back when you’re rested/reconed

    Sorry for my spelling I’m drunk and dyslexic.

    Take care,
    Some drunk twat

  2. You’re very Informative lady.i really like your reviews and vlogs. I’ve found your style like the eighties cartoon “Ulysses 31”. With that I would like to be your Nono. Ps. I am a fan not a critic I just hope you don’t stop your observations, please!

  3. Hey. 🙂 My brother showed me you YouTube videos. He and I are retro gamers and really enjoyed watching your reviews. The ‘plumbers don’t wear ties’ one was awesome. Watched a lot more of your vids since then and hope you are all good and really hope you keep on banging out some really entertaining and educational stuff on retro and crap gaming. 😉 x

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