Day: July 15, 2017

Freakout! Stretch Panic Review

ARE YOU SERIOUS WHAT EVEN IS THIS GAME???? Well, I try to cover it. And it’s a struggle. It’s like an acid trip with bad controls. Clicky McClickface. If there’s one thing that Midas don’t publish, it’s good games. I’ve got a bunch of PS2 games published by these guys, and all of them are […]

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Skifree Review and Video

Another scary game to review! But is this one really scary? Far as I remember from my childhood, this was a badass game. (this is your cue to watch the video). My mum used to use a computer a lot when I was little, and on the evenings when she disappeared to go work in […]

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Mouse Trophy Review

Mouse Trophy, you say? Why have I never heard of this game, you say? Because it’s not worth hearing about, I say. I mean seriously. What even is this game. Who sat down in a board meeting and said ‘everyone! I’ve got an idea for a game! It’s about mice! Trying to get a trophy!’ […]

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